Monday, 13 October 2014

Marloes Sands Pembrokeshire holiday june 18 th 2014

Today we are on our way to Marloes Sands which is near Martins Haven where i caught the boat over to Skomer yesterday.  it is looking like a very warm day , possibly 22 - 24 degrees and sunny :)
 After a visit to supermarket to get supplies for a picnic we have driven down past Milford Haven to Marloes ,after parking and walking down a track  to the beach we find the tide is still high but will be on its way out soon.

                          Gateholm island is straight ahead and Skokholm further beyond.

Having made our way down to the top of the beach , and clambered over rough rocks and boulders onto a bit of flattish stony ground  i notice the sky is looking amazing!     Chester is hot already and lying in the shade of this huge boulder  Awwww

                                               Hey  Mollster , doesn't she look small  lol

                                                                            Love this sky!

 The sun is coming out now as the tide recedes and we can Finally get onto the sand , the rock formations here are stunning.

 Time to play , the Terrible Twosome are running and having fun :)  they have paddled a bit but will soon be in swimming now that we can walk out into the shallow water.

                                                                     Magnificent views

                                                           There they go, Spladoosh!

                   They are both swimming now  , Yay        Mol has got the ball this time

                                                                 shot with 400mm lens 

                                                                    and Chester!

                                          Think this is the most spectacular beach i have been to!


                     Mollster swimming again :)      funny how she hated water when i first got her!

                                                            she loves the sea now lol

       The tide is well out now , beautiful flat sand , and Chester is barking for me to throw the ball!

                       Wonder how/why these huge rocks are out here well away from the cliffs!

                                             one of my favorite images of this beach

                                 a wet Mollster posing, or waiting for the ball more like

                                                               a empty beach panorama :)

                                                      Nice light illuminating the rocks :)

Time to leave the beach and just as we come to the stream that enters the beach, i spot a male Golden Ringed dragonfly :)             i manage to get quite close before it flies off , looks like it has just merged fairly recently.

 After a bite to eat in the car , i have walked along the top path to photograph the entire length of beach from high up ,   superb views from up here.

                                               a huge beach and no one on it!  go figure

                                                                  Mol is posing well :)

On our way to Little Haven now for dinner and maybe a sunset , a nice warm evening for sitting ouside :)

 Its a tiny village , spotted 3 pubs already  lol  and only about a dozen or so  houses around the hills surrounding the small cove.

 a short walk around the headland gives a view towards Broad Haven beach just around the corner from here. low evening sun is lighting up the cliffs :)

                                          a panorama of the small cove of Little Haven

                                                               and finally , Sunset :)

                                       the end of another fantastic day in Pembrokeshire

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