Monday, 24 April 2017

I have a Drone !

I have been thinking about getting a drone/quad copter for about 6 months, DJI the main company making these machines announced a new smaller foldable design called Mavic Pro last year , after pre ordering one it became apparent that supply/delivery was going to take quite a while, with numerous delays from the factory.  After about 6 weeks the company announced another drone, the  Phantom 4 pro  , which has the renowned 1 " Sony exmor sensor. adjustable apperture, shutterspeed and iso .   hearing this i immediately cancelled my Mavic order and pre ordered this one , after all image quality is more important than portability!
Eventually i received my P4p the second week of January this year, after a long wait and hearing all sorts of problems with the new drone i hoped that all these problems would have been fixed in firmware updates.

Setting it up was done in no time, new updates installed easily and now i just had to go and test it out in beginner mode at first :)              There is a field nearby next to a golf course where i can safely make its first flight ,   i have been practising with a small cyma xc5 so it should not be too difficult .

                                               My first drone image , WOW   impressed already .

 After a short test taking a few images and short video clips i have gone home , re charged the battery ( need to be careful not to go below 50% for the first 4 or 5 re charges to prolong battery life)  i have taken off directly above the garden to take a topdown shot .

A few days later i took the drone down to New Brighton to try out on the beach over the groynes

     Looks pretty good from above . i have been shooting at f5.6 which appears to be the sharpest apperture on this 28 mm lens

My next trip out was to Talacre beach for a quick try in a wide open space ,   i now have a second battery so will have about 46 minutes flying time now , approx 23 on each battery.     Its quite breezy but not a problem , but it started spitting with rain so only managed a twenty minute flight.

One of my favourite images taken so far ,  topdown over the lighthouse with the Terrible Twosome running into the water .

              Newborough Beach on Anglesey  next stop on the Drone tour ,     a fabulous location.

A video test on Moreton shore came next , i have not a clue about video but i shot this at 60fps so i could do a couple of slow motion clips in the finished film.

 Finally a view of Colwyn Bay pier just before the end was destroyed by a storm a few days later.
yes i took of from the beach straight over the sea !

                                                       and Parys Mountain on Anglesey

 That is a selection of practise shots of my first 6 weeks of flying the Drone ,  its has amazed me how different everything looks from high up and how easily you can get good compositions 

all these have been shot at less than 200 ft ,  the maximum allowed in uk is 400ft for safety reasons obviously .

Next stop a Snowdonia shoot with the Drone in the mountains.

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  1. Great Blog Phil, lovely set of images too, you really have mastered this type of photography, well done.

    regards ray