Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Cornwall Holiday pt 3 Penhale Point

 This morning i am taking Ozzy with me to walk all the way around to Penhale Point so i can hopefully get a drone flight in.,   Its a long walk down the steep road to Holywell beach and then around the headland , and its going to be hot today.  As i pass the village near the bottom of the hill the traffic is already backing up as the carpark must be full already!  

                 Up on the headland overlooking Holywell Bay and looking towards Gull Rock.

                                                           Ozzy happy to sit for a photo .

This is one of two setts of antennas on the cliff tops , i have no idea what they were or are used for.

There is a sea arch down the cliff side , that would be great to get the drone down there but it is a difficult area with the edge of a no fly zone just to the left which is where i would need to be. 

Time to get the Drone up in the air, this is the first day when the wind has not been too strong to fly safely.   Ozzy is happy to sit and watch , Unlike Chester who i have left back in the van  as he would just bark continuously if i stop walking!

                                      5 frame Vertorama looking across to Holywell beach.

I tried to get the arch with Gull rock in the background , but my view was obstructed if i went any lower so didn't risk getting too close to the rocks.  If i had stood on the opposite side it would have been better but that is on the edge of a no fly zone so was not an option unfortunately.

Gull Rock and Penhale point 

                                                                   5 frame Vertorama 

                                         A full 9 frame panorama , 9 frames merged.

Continuing the walk around the headland now but i wont go far as its has become very hot now and its a long walk back to the van. 

That is as far i will go , good to have a look and will now head back.  A view of the sand dunes as i pass through along the back of the beach . It is easier going this long way back as the climb up the steep hill in this heat will be horrible. 

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