Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Port Wen brickworks and Porcelane works 14 th September 2020


Today I have travelled to the North coast of Anglesey , to walk along the coastal path, firstly Port Wen brickworks  and then further along to the old Porcelain works. 

First flight from the headland overlooking the brickworks , its a beautiful early morning, warm and sunny with no wind.  Ozzy is sitting next to me.

                                                                   6 frame Vertorama 

                                Out from the headland looking back  9 frames merged 

                                          Topdown from 398 ft   alomost the maximum allowed (400ft)

                                                 Second flight , further around the corner.

I have now walked around the headland , the early morning light is quite nice,  here is a topdown image , combined of loads of frames 

                  Out to the right is Llanlleiana head , which I will walk to after this flight.

                                     9 frame panorama showing the entire headland 
the brickworks is on the left side next to the beach ,  the China works are behind the headland on the right. 

I have now walked along the coastal path towards Llanlleiana head ,  unfortunately I left my last drone battery in the car, and its too far to go back for it  Ooops    it is hot now also, so Ozzy needs to go for a swim to cool off.

     The heather is still in flower up here , a week or so ago it would have looked amazing in full flower.

                              The old China porcelain works are in view now , and a beach for Ozzy .

                                                             Almost there now Ozzy 

                                                                     A floating puppy !


                      Happy pup , and I have spotted a couple of seals out in the bay watching him.  

                                                 After a good swim he still wants more   haha 

                      Looking further down the coastline , if only I had another drone battery  Doh!

                                   One last image, this north coast of Anglesey is really beautiful. 

It is still only mid morning , and its been  great to be out early for a change.

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