Monday, 14 May 2012

Rannerdale trip pt3 Dalehead and Buttermere

After climbing down from the summit of Rannerdale Knotts, the clouds were starting to clear a bit , so i decided if the forecast was correct ( unlikely) and the sun was suppose to break through late afternoon  i could return later tonight.  I thought a climb up DaleHead was a good idea:)  at the time anyhow!
a nice drive through Buttermere valley was great , past the lake and the famous "pines"

Any how a quick drive up to the top of honister and parked in the nt car park to start the climb up Dale Head 2470 ft.

Looking back to the Honister slate mine and the paths leading up to the mines and eventually to Fleetwith pike over to the right.  the weather was warming up but still alot of thick cloud over towards Haystacks area.
Here is the view looking down the valley.

As i climb steeper up the path the views open out dramatically giving a wide view over towards Helvelyn range

I eventually reach the magnificent summit cairn,standing about just over 6 ft in height!    probably the best one i have seen, must have taken ages to construct like a piece of engineering  lol.  and with views like this looking down Newlands valley i guess they were not in a hurry to finish it :)))

                                               What a view !!!!!  all the way to Scotland :)

             And while i was marvelling the view it started snowing!   amazing since it is May!
The path from the summit heads almost parallel with Buttermere over towards "Robinson" straight  left and splits to the right across to "Hindscarth" in below image.  these two i will leave for another day , i still need to go back to shoot the bluebells in better light! 

                                        Fine views of Buttermere in the bottom of the valley.

                                      A view of High Spy over to the right of newlands valley.

   Great view down the valley, just a hint of the sunshine, that i would be shooting the bluebells in a few hours time :)))

            The sun was starting to come through so time to head back towards Rannerdale!

                                   On the way back through Buttermere i took this shot.

                    The sky had now turned nice and Blue:)))   perfect for the bluebells now. Yay

                                    pt 4  Bluebells in early evening sun will continue :D

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