Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cannock Chase Bird shoot with Gillian 14th march 2012 PT1

Sorry , i am a bit out of order in posting these trips, i guess taking too many shots while out kind of slows things down alot! , especially shooting over 800 frames on a trip like this one!
Well on this trip the weather was looking much better than the last one , we had bright but cloudy skies at first and the sun came out for most of the afternoon:)
I got there about 10 minutes before Gillian, which was fairly good. There were already about 30 Coal ,blue and Great tits in the tree to our left! Amazing to see :)
So where do i start. The most numerous species at first where the Great tits, loads of them flying back and forth from the tree and the feeder area.

                                           and a beautiful Coal tit , as you can see no sun yet!

                                        And one of our favourite birds A Poppit :)    (long tailed tit )

Gillian's moss covered feeder soon attracted the attention of a male Bullfich, they really are beautiful looking birds!
A soon as the sun came out Chafinches appeared feeding on the seed thrown on the grass, so lying down to shoot at their level seemed a good idea. So there we were, lying down in the dirt and grass shooting at eye level , they did not seem to notice us too much and came within about 3 ft
With all the activity it was hard to decide what to shoot, but i got really lucky when a Willow tit, quite a rare little bird momentarily dropped down right in front of me , and i managed to get 3 really good shots, Gill however wasn't as lucky and her shots were slightly oof :(((    not happy!

                                           Here are the rest of the shots taken at grass level :)

                                                                               Great tit


Female Chafinch
Male Chafinch
a Portrait

                                                  And every ones favourite bird the Robin :)

Blue Tit perching nicely :)

I then noticed a small herd of Deer walking single file down the track right in front of us!!! what a great sight to see, i turned around to tell Gill in case she missed seeing them, and spotted 3 more walking behind us! i just said " Dear, there is a Deer behind you"         So Funny :)

 I had set up a large log , a Robin found this quite appealing and sat for ages :))))

The afternoon session will be in part 2 :)

All images shot with canon 5d2 , 70-300 is  f5.6

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  1. Beautiful photos...so colourful. Love the deer as well - makes up for the lack of deer at the deer park surely? :)