Monday, 4 February 2013

Eel Crag,Sail and the Zig Zags Twitteratti walk pt3

 Continuing from i phone sledging

Having reached the summit of Eel crag and met up with the rest of the group it was time for a group photo ,  i very rarely seem to be in these shots for some reason    lol

here we have the "Shadows"   next to the summit trig point

              take note of the "Nutter" in the t shirt  haha     sorry Steve . everyone else was wrapped up warm but truth be told we didn't need to be, it was relatively warm in the sun/snow

Now it is time to traverse this ridge, which looks very icy!  from Eel crag across to Sail.

                                       the summit of "sail"  out next destination.

here we go.........   it is very icy and narrow with steep drops either side!   single file only

taking it very carefully we are making our way across the ridge , momentarily take my camera out of my bag to take this image , love the light in the valley!

while negotiating the narrow ridge , the group spread out considerably taking time on the ice and snow covered rocks . it was only when reaching the other side, upon looking back at the ridge it really shows how narrow and steep it actually was!   looks scary from here!

                                          the view from "Sail" looking towards Eel crag

amazing view from on Sail summit looking down to keswick. we are now heading towards the Zig Zag path to take us down to head to Outerside  , i think 

Causey pike ahead of us ( i think ) but we are going to turn left at the bottom of the zig zag path and head towards Outerside and back to Braithwaite.

    looking back at the " Zig Zags"   will look better when weathered in, bit of an" ice saw " at the moment !    haha
it was extremely slippery , and even walking off the path ( sorry Tanya)  most of us slipped at least once!

We are now on Outerside , magnificent views of Grisedale Pike on the right, which should have been our first summit of the day.

                         Skiddaw looking lovely with setting sun and snow on the tops.

well!  there is the valley path we walked along early this morning and the snow capped summit of  Grisedale pike we MISSED!   Oooops

Looking from Stile End to Bassenthwaite lake in the distance , the fields are still covered in frost, amazing since the sun and blue sky we have had all day!    shows how cold it is , but we have not felt it all day .  now the sun is setting it is feeling very cold , my hot chocolate is cold after about a minute  lol

 we finish of the walk back down to braithwaite and the Pub ,the Coledale inn  with a lovely atmosphere and x mas tree .  were talk of the sledging i phone continued . never to be forgotten  ever!
this has to be the best walk of the past year.  thank you to all my new friends .


  1. It was a great walk Phil. Great photos - love the one of the group and the icy edge we negotiated!
    It was self-preservation not walking on the path down from Sail given how icy it was so no problem! :-)

  2. Great pics Phil..Seem ages since we did this walk..The winter weather so far has been a bit of a disappointment since..In fact i dont remember being cold so far the winter..The new dog of yours is looking like a great pet..Hopefully we'll all get together soon...jim

  3. Great blog Phil loved it .:) and I'll agree with Jim :)