Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fun in the snow with Mollster march 23/4 th 2013

With heavy snow fall overnight friday , i could not get the car out to go to work, so it was a good time to spend in the snow with Molly. looking out the kitchen door it looked very deep in drifts.
Molly went out to investigate  lol

Walking down to the woods , Roydon park which is only a few minutes down the road the trees look wonderful covered in snow.

Pity there is no sun, but never mind lets find a suitable place to throw snowballs for Mollster , coming out into a small clearing the snow is quite deep and there is plenty of space. having not tried throwing even a ball for her to catch mid air , this might take a while for her to learn!  shes having fun running in it first, then rolling and burrowing  hehe

                                                               This is one happy dog :)

Now after throwing a few snowballs she is already catching them , i manage to shoot a series of her catching mid air using a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement.


                                                                        "GOT IT"

                                           am i good enough for England goalie?

Well that was a great half hour, so much fun and she really enjoyed it ., off now to go up to thurstaston hill for a few portraits in the snow .

i am shooting a few videos while walking , here is one of her running in the snow

We are now up on the hill overlooking north wales coast , its great up here, big drifts from the overnight snow .  she is posing nicely for me

               Still cant believe this is near the end of march!   gorse in flower and deep snow !

                                 the strengthening wind has blown one ear up!   haha

                                   one final image , a happy Mollster,but she doesn't look it  lol


What a great morning its been , we don't get this much snow very often so making the most of it:)

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  1. Lovely. Gosh that snow was deep. Brilliant shots of Mollie catching snowballs :-)