Sunday, 12 May 2013

Snowdons PYG track march 18th pt3

Continuing the walk ,PT 2 HERE we are heading up to the view point above Glaslyn , the ground conditions are getting very slippery now with the snow getting deeper and i can see walkers struggling to get up the steep section above the lake.

Fabulous views from up here today , it doesn't feel cold either with the sun reflecting warmth off the snow.  Mollster is really enjoying herself and she sinks up to her belly in the snow here .

          walking a little further up the mountain side to get clean undisturbed snow to get this image.

The summit of Snowdon is shrouded in mist and low cloud ahead of us as we climb higher to get our first view of Glaslyn.

                                                           Posing again are we Mol?

We have now reached our first view of Glaslyn with Snowdon behind, Mol is posing again , she is showing off i think!

                                                           this is the view ahead , stunning 
I turn around to the view behind of Llyn Llydaw and she is posing yet again!  come on Moll, get out of the way for a change

come on Mollster , we need to get a move on. a long way to go yet and to get back to car park before the ticket runs out.   Glaslyn in the distance is our target, the path passes high above it.  we are making good progress now.

                                          look at her zig zag tracks in the snow  hehe

 We have now reached to top of this section, the sky is really threatening but it is going the other way, looks like its snowing in the distance but the suns out here

This is Glaslyn with Snowdon behind, this path climbs steeply up the right hand side in the image below , would need crampons to go up there today i think for safety.

                                                                 Looking confused!

Heading back now after a photo shoot , its been a superb walk, a little slippery on the steeper sections though. Mol is running through the deep snow now

the view back towards the car park, sun has disappeared now. I have to take it easy going down now, don't want to slip!

We have reached the style i had to get Mol to jump over , from this side i have to help her as its a higher drop , she still hasnt got the hang of jumping these yet!

having reached the bottom near to the pen-y-pass car park i take one last image of Mollster with the Lamberis pass in the background.

what a fantastic day we have had, really didnt expect that much snow , but with the sun it was quite warm most of the day.  the forecast is for more snow so i think there will be many more snowy adventures this spring, winter doesnt want to relinquish its grasp this year!

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