Thursday, 28 November 2013

Eden Project Cornwal Holiday 10 th july 2013

Halfway through the week already and its off to the Eden Project, unfortunately the dogs cant come so we have dropped them off at a day kennels only a mile away from the caravan site , will pick them up late afternoon and go out with them tonight somewhere :)
its not too far to Eden and we arrive early just after opening time,  there are coaches to take visitors from the car parks to the entrance!    its even hotter today than previous days and not a cloud in view , cant believe the weather is this great all week .
walking out of the entrance building we get our first view of the Biomes !!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!

                                                               view large HERE

This place is HUGE!     the domes look amazing against the vivid blue sky.   we head for the Biome entrance, the flower borders look great and we have found a spider pool :)

Whats this then???????     not quite finished,presume the area will be planted up soon.........

                                                     I have found a bug to shoot :)     YAY

                               Anyhow we must get inside before it gets too busy, & HOT!

                                       its so big in here a huge ship easily fits inside  lol 

                        there is a huge variety of palms , some almost touching the roof!

as we make our way through the first Tropical Biome we find out the first stage of a new aerial walkway has just opened.    it gives a superb view from up here   and a thermometer reading 48 degrees!

                                       Aerial sculptures hanging over the new walkway

                                                                  "  Bird of Paradise  "

The other Biome is a temperate zone, with cooler dryer areas .............

Heading back outside, but only after a Cornish ice creme :) , we make our way to the opposite end of the site. 

inside the furthest structure is this Granite Egg, about 10 ft high in a round room the sunlight entering through the window above lighting up the spheres on the eggs surface looks superb. pictures on the outside walls of this room showing how it was carved from a huge block of stone.

                                          Just outside this building is a metal butterfly :)

Its late afternoon now and we must get back to pick up the dogs,  walking through taking a last look at the amazing sights

A Superb day here and the whole evening left to go somewhere else with Mollster and Chester .

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