Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mevagissey 10th july Cornwall holiday

After a superb day at the Eden Project HERE we have picked up Mollster and Chester , and after a quick dinner are now making our way to Mevagissey for the evening.    its still very warm and as we arrive it is quite busy, the harbour actually looks familiar , but i dont think i have been here,even though i remember the aquarium over on the other side of the harbour.
walking down tiny streets to the harbour with small shops selling gifts,ice creme etc and  Jan pops into the bakers to get a few things for lunch tomorrow .

                                                          What a superb evening to be here :)

 The water is crystal clear and i can see Mullet swimming everywhere :)    now where is my fishing rod???????     Ooops  in the caravan :(

walking around the harbour in beautiful warm evening sunshine with superb views around the boats

                                                             amazing water clarity here !

Having walked around the harbour we are heading to Portmellon Cove which is just around the headland and there is a small beach for the dogs to run on .

              around the headland we go , the houses up here are huge!  amazing views they have

                                                     Leaving Mevagissey behind now

We have arrived at Portmellon, but the tide is right up to the beach,  Sorry dogs no play time.   so we go to the pub, where they are chasing ice cubes around on the floor :)   hehe

                            Back to the car now, down steep narrow streets down into the town.

         the end of another day in Cornwall , and tommorow we are going to Trebah gardens :)

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