Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hardley Drainage Mill and Great Yarmouth beach 14th sept Norfolk holiday

Today we are going to see Hardley mill, one of the few wind pumps with working gears , its about 30-40 mins drive i think, then a mile or so walk along the river Yare,and there is a boat race along the river today so might get to see a few.
Arriving at Yardley staith we are walking along the river towards the mill, the path has recently seen allot of work and is sticky thick mud, sticking to shoes in big lumps which is making walking difficult!

there is a line of sails visible looking across the fens , quite weird actually seeing sails moving across fields  lol getting up close to the river the Mill and an old sail :)

               arriving at the mill just in time for a bit of blue sky, but don't think it will last long!

                                          climbing up to the top to see the view across the fens

walking down onto the boat landing stage , I'm being watched by Mollster and Chester   lol

                            i have shot a black & white panorama , quite like it :)

walking back to the car now , the clouds look like they are breaking and it might be a good afternoon

       last image of the Mill , we are going to Great Yarmouth now to give the dogs a run on the beach

We have parked on the beach car park at Great Yarmouth, the sky is looking fabulous now but is quite windy. walking across the dunes to the left side of the pier where dogs are allowed to go on :)

                              The dogs are trying to hide from us!     Utter Fail    i can see you :)

                  think Mollster is laughing at us :)          and Chester still thinks we cant see him!

                                                                 Chester  Photo bomb !!!!!!!

                                                    the Terrible twosome posing

I'm lying in the sand face down to get this image!  

 a last view of the beach as we make our way back to the car while throwing the ball for the dogs , i am amazed we managed to keep them out of the water today!

It looks like might have a chance of a sunset tonight , maybe worth going to How Hill again this evening on the of chance .................

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