Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How Hill and California beach Norfolk Holiday 13 th sept 2013

Having discovered that just a mile away from our camp site there are a couple of windpumps at How Hill , we are going to have a look, the weather is not looking too good for the early part of  today, cloudy with flat light so not good for photographs :(
Arriving at a small car park near to this lovely house

a small track leads across a field in front of the gardens leading down to the river , where we immediately see the first windpump :)

                      Black & White image for a change , no detail in the sky in colour images

                                 I have just tried an infrared phone pic, quite like it :)

 Walking down the river i can see a small "skeleton" mill , here is a phone pic

you can see the rill that channels water from the pumps paddles  from the field in to the river in this image.

                           Love the thatched boat house , but Molly is not interested in that  haha

We are now going to head down to Scratby to walk California beach, it is spitting with rain but quite warm and it is looking like sun might break through later :)

 the Terrible twosome are having fun, the sand has formed a channel so there is deep water either side of a shallow sand bar.

                                        watch out Mol, you going to get cut off  Bol.

                                               lying in the water as usual i see Mollster :)

                                                                  Bum in the air :D

                                     The sky is fabulous , Norfolk is famous for big skies :)

                            Chester has gone right out for the ball , Mol is waiting patiently

                                              Yes Mol  its right in front of your nose!

                                              love the light on the wind farm turbines

           Time to run the dogs dry on the sand , well we will try to keep them out of the water !

            a last image,  the wind turbines, lit up with sun against dark brooding clouds behind.

only two days left in Norfolk left now ,  tomorrow is looking dry in the afternoon anyhow. 

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