Friday, 12 December 2014

Bedruthan Steps pt2 Amazing Beach 17th July 2014

We are at Bedruthan Steps and now the tide has turned and is exposing the sand we can get down onto the beach , its only 90 steps down :)

                       This is the first of the many separate bays on this beach , truly amazing!

 a 26 second  long exposure as the tide is receding over the rocks

                                                    A phone panorama shot  of the first bay :)

                                      The beasts are wasting no time getting wet  haha

          another long exposure giving silky smooth misty wave motion.  just 15 seconds needed.

 the tide is going out slowly , but i want to get through to the next cove  so decide to go through the tunnel as the water is still too deep to wade around............

 On with my shoes to walk through the dark tunnel , i unfortunately didn't notice the big deep pool which i have just walked straight into!!!!!!!!  Arghhhhhhhhhh   wet shoes.

             Emerging the other side and having to scramble over huge boulders this is the view i get!

 Walking around the rocks to see if i can see Jan  ,Chester has already swam around ,but i spot Jan waving her arms for some reason!  i cant see Mollster,   O Dear  there she is!   perched on a rock way above the receding sea level. Chester had swum around and Molly followed part of the way but the deep water frightened her and she is clinging to the rocks above the water now!

                                  Poor Mollster!!!   Jan is calling her to jump and swim

                         She has dived in and is swimming towards Chester and Jan now  Awwww :(

                                                            Almost across now Mol :)

                   That was so funny!       poor Mol, must have been frightening for her!

                       Walking across the beautiful sand now , with crystal clear water :)  

Wonderful rock formations all along the coastline here , as the tide is receding we can get further out around the various rocky peninsulas  to separate small bays.

                             Love this one , shallow water receding in a long exposure image.

The further out we walk the sand has numerous depressions and Chester has just ran into a deep one at quite a fast speed and come to an abrupt halt almost up to his chest in one. Ooops
                                                Now Jan has just sank into one  Haha :)

                                                                     Stunning views :)

All the depressions in the sand are clearly visible in this section of beach , the tide is well out now and the top end of the beach is getting quite busy with people now.

                         They are having a great time in the pools and shallow tidal areas

                                                              Chester's swimming :D

                                        Now he is hiding from Mol with the ball   haha

                                                   a very wet "Bodmin Beasts"   hehe

Having walked all the way back i take a shot looking towards the next beach , but it is extremely difficult to clamber over all the huge rocks to get there so we decide to head back up the steps now, its been a long day.

                       Looks like these steps have taken quite a battering in last winters storms!

                                         Looking down from the top  , an amazing beach.

             Back at the car now after a very long tiring day , look at the "Bodmin Beasts"     o dear !

back to the caravan now and later ..........................................

as the evening clouds drew in the thunder started , and the lightning show across from Bodmin moor to the coast to the left of us was amazing ,  it went on for over 3 hours :)
i set up the tripod outside and shot multiple frames which i have merged together into these two images .

                                 the sharp edges of cloud above the lightning very stunning!

                        What an amazing light show , pity i didn't get the camera out sooner!

                                             Its been a superb day , one to remember :)

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