Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Holywell Bay sunset july 2014

A quick trip down to Holywell for the sunset tonight
its not far from caravan so worth a look, but don't think its looking like a decent sunset tonight.

 I am in one of the caves looking out towards Gull Rock , Jan and the "Terrible Twosome" are on the beach.

                             They look tired already  haha   been a long day for them i guess :)

                                                                        Jan in the cave :D

                   Walking down to the sea now , the dogs have scared off the birds   Ooops

Defiantly not going to get much colour tonight , its clouding over a bit with a few crepuscular rays coming through now :)

                                        Nice Mollster pic  , light is rather nice now

                                       at last a bit of colour , a long exposure image .

                                     and that is it :(     never mind cant always get a good one !

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