Monday, 25 July 2016

Santorini Honeymoon June 27th 2016 pt1

Today we are flying to Santorini on our honeymoon :)

After a four hour flight we arrive in Santorini , the tiny airport had a coach waiting on the runway to take us to the check in room. (We could have actually walked in 3 minutes  lol)  The heat was noticeable immediately when getting off the plane , omg!

Getting off the coach and going inside to check in , A large almost empty room with a small cubicle in the centre with an official in uniform reading a paper , while a guy in casual clothing just glanced at every ones  passports as they past!   so funny , no security whatsoever  lol

 Since the hotel said they couldn't pick us up, we booked a shuttle service. While waiting, the hotels taxi arrived for us and another couple!   wff?     total cock up.   after taking the shuttle service we eventually arrived and this is our first view from our private balcony.............. WOW!

                                            It didn't take Jan long to get on the Wine   lol

 We have gone out for a walk to see the area  , its hot!   blimey ,think i need to get a hat soon .   Walking through the main street and up  the main walkway along the front of the cliffs, there are small gift shops everywhere and high end jewellers inter spaced with restaurants which have the best views of the "Caldera"   Volcano islands.

                                          The steep cliffs which the town is perched upon.

                                The island is small , we can see the opposite side from up here!

The buildings are mostly white and loads of Bougainvillea plants climbing up with their beautiful coloured leaf bracts ,  must get one for the conservatory when we get back.

We are going back to the hotel now , and will watch our first Santorini sunset from our balcony , and take a look at the pool also.

                                                                        More wine :)

                                The sun is setting and bathing everything in warm golden light .

 Looking towards where we have just walked back from ,the top left in this image.    the white buildings are turning beautiful warm colours as the low sun illuminates them.


                                                   Sun is setting , and its still 28 dgrees !

 View from the pool , the sun is now too low to light up the cliff top buildings now, that only lasted about 10 minutes.

                                            Soft pastel shades over the volcano Caldera.

Now its time for dinner, there is a restaurant just above the hotel over to the right with great views over Fira as the lights come on .

Tomorrow we will walk down to the Old Port and then to Oia for the evening.

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