Thursday, 28 July 2016

Santorini Honeymoon Sunset shoot. 29th june 2016

After a day on the beach we are going to have a wedding photo shoot at sunset on our balcony , Jan has brought her wedding dress for this occasion .

Sunset is directly in front of our private balcony with the "Caldera" volcano over to the left with Fira town on our right .  Sunset is about 8.30 ish , but the low setting sun illuminates the white buildings for about 10 minutes or so starting about 8.10 - 8.15 . So i have only a short time to get the photos i want with the lovely warm light.

I have set the 5dsr with a 17-40 wide angle on a tripod, shooting at f10 , and varying iso between 200 and 400 , with flashgun and large diffuser . I have also set the external flash synq speed  to 1/200 - 1/60 th so the camera  exposes for the background and the flash freezes any movement.    in theory anyhow :)

                                                                 1/125 th  iso 200  f10

                                                              1/100 th  iso 200  f10

                                                                       1/60 th  f10  iso 200

 Now we have lost the warm light,  i am using a slower flash synq to give longer exposure for the darkening conditions , and allow more of the natural light in combination with slightly higher iso .

                                                                    1/60 th  f8  iso 400

                                                                     1/15 th  f10  iso 400

                                                                   1/10 th  f10  iso400

                                                              10 seconds , f14  iso 100

                                                                  15 seconds , f14 iso100

                      After a successful shoot we are now going out for a walk and a snack :)

              Love the statue sitting on the building with No feet!     thought it was a person initially :)

                                                       A Last phone shot by our pool

                                                         Another great day in Paradise :D

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