Friday, 17 August 2018

Drone flying around Tenby and Pembrokeshire Coastline

The weather has turned against us,  its a dreary dull day today.  We are taking  the Terrible Twosome along to Freshwater west beach for a run , and I might get a chance to fly the drone possibly.

After a good run they are tired enough to leave in the car while I have a quick Drone flight,  the weather is rubbish for taking photographs though.

   The red rocks look interesting, so a couple of Topdown shots from the drone might look good.
The dull conditions make no difference to shots like this .

Looking down the coastline I can see rapeseed fields in the distance, the low clouds and sea mist really reduce the visibility unfortunately.

Time to move on now, looking at maps on the phone ,we have decided to head down the coast to Angle , which looks like it has a small island just off the coast that might make a good subject to photograph.

Take off , the island has a large fort built onto it and is not too far out, I just have to watch out for seagulls while flying.

    Looking back at where I just took off from, the drone gives a great view of the rock formations.

Flying out to the island, I take this image.  the old fort was built in 1850s to protect Milford Haven from a French invasion.

  Topdown image of the rocks near to where I am standing, the wind is getting up so that's it for flying today.

The following morning I have got up really early, for me that is about 6 am   lol  .   I want to fly the drone to photograph Tenby Harbour , the weather forecast is looking great early before the wind picks up and starts to cloud over.
Walking around the harbour and taking the path around towards the old lifeboat house , which will be a quiet safe place to fly from.

I have flown straight out over the sea ,  just far enough to keep good site of the drone in case any seagulls get too close.      shooting a series of 9 frame panorama images.  this is the best one.

                  I have merged the 9 frames together in PTGui stitcher  , with editing in photoshop.

                                                               A second 9 frame image.

                                                              A 5 frame Vertorama .

         Time to get back to the caravan now, and after breakfast take the Terrible Twosome out .

Tenby looking great in the sunshine, but the wind is getting quite strong now and its clouding over fast.

       Now time to give the dogs a run on Freshwater east beach , Mollster has found a large jellyfish .

                                                                   Stupid Spanner!1!

                                                            Photobombed by Chester!

                                               Back at the Caravan and …………………..

                                               Awwwwwww…………… Knackered dogs

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