Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Lydstep and St Brides Sunset may 2018

Today we are going to take a look at the coastline near Manorbia and Lydstep,  its an area we haven't been before and the weather looks great this morning.

After driving down a few very narrow lanes we come to the car park , which is almost full!   in the middle of nowhere.  

Just a couple of hundred metres from the car we are looking down onto a beautiful secluded beach, which looks quite difficult to get down to.  Jan says not going down there!   haha

                    The rock strata is amazing here, showing the vertical layers in the rock.

                             Taking the drone up now.   quite breezy so cant go too high

                                                                A 7 frame Vertorama

                                       Another Vertorama looking right down the coastline.

We have walked down to near the end of the peninsula ,   I can fly out from here to look around the corner   so to speak.

  There we go,  and a couple of jet skis look great in the image also ,  it looks a great beach over there.

            This is were a drone gives such a great perspective and a view that normally isn't seen .

                       21 frame panorama ,  cant believe I got the jet skis in a fig 8 pattern :)
        I cant work out why the colour balance is different between these two images , both shot the same , maybe its the lower altitude in the second one.

Time to find a beach to give the dogs a swim ,  Shrinkle Haven is not too far away , not been there before but not to sure how easy it is to get down to.
Walking from the car park we pass Church Doors cove ,  the tide is high and has very little sand between the rocks, so even though we can get down the very steep steps, will give it a miss.  Just around the corner is Shrinkle haven...…

But we cant get down to it!!!!  the path leads to the cliff edge, but is all closed off with wooden barricades and warning signs.      a re think is required now...

We have driven to Bosherton , to go down onto Broadhaven beach , one we have been to many times.
its really busy today on a sunny afternoon,  but the tide is quite far out so plenty of space.

Now time to shoot a sunset , but where? ………………

We have driven down to St Brides for the evening , a tiny little cove with what appears to be a nice walk around the coastline.     there is what looks like a large castle/stately home.    It turns out to be St brides Castle, now turned into exclusive  holiday apartments.

               We are walking around the cove , its looking good for sunset but not a lot of cloud.

      Its quite windy now, but flying  the phantom will be no problem.  the low setting sun is now         illuminating the fields behind me.  this is the best light for a sunset shoot ,most people tend to  photograph into the setting sun, which doesn't work ,  shooting in the opposite direction is best.

Flying over the fields towards the castle , the furrows in the fields are showing up nicely I this lovely light .

As I bring the drone back , I pan the camera downwards at the coastline and fields right next to me.  what fabulous textures the low setting sun reveals .  this is a four shot image, moving the drone sideways taking each frame with about 40% overlap so the stitching program can blend the individual frames together.

                                                               Multi frame Vertorama

                                                      9 frame panorama, stitched in PTGui
                                                                         Fabulous light :)

What a fantastic day ,  and now watching sunset over the bay , the best light has passed and not enough cloud to produce a good sunset .   a phone shot .

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