Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Cornwall , pt2 Crantock & Bedruthan sunset

This morning after a lie in its a day on the beach with the Holywell Horrors, its going to be very warm and sunny.
Crantock is on the river Gannel , very shallow with fast currents when the tide is on its way in.

With strong winter storms this beach has changed every year we have been coming here, the river outflow has moved from the far side of the bay and now winds its way across the centre.   look at the water clarity, fabulous.

                                                        Chester is swimming already .

                                                          Mollster is swimming now.

                                     The tide is coming in fast across the shallow sand.

                                     They have had a fabulous time , getting tired now

Now for proper photography,   Bedruthan Steps this evening for sunset.

The tide will be still too high to get down onto the beach , but high enough for interest in the foreground hopefully.   

Parking at the cafĂ© carpark and we have walked down to the cliffs, I think we should have come down a bit earlier as the best light will be very soon.  There is no cloud unfortunately but that means the cliffs will hopefully light up with the low setting sun. 
quick phone shot 

I have run down to the far end to be able to fly the drone,  Nt own the land up to the steps down to the beach,  but im ok at this end of the cliffs to take off.
I have quickly set up the tripod and taken this image on the 5dsr 17-40 L , the sun is already lighting up nicely so I need to get the drone up fast in case I miss the best light!

The cliffs are turning warm in the low setting sun .

                                                 9 frame Vertorama ,what  fabulous light !

                                                                     9 frame panorama

                                          Looking behind me, the fields are lit up also .

                                                                       Jan has snapped me  

                                                            Topdown over the pinnacles

The light is fading now , it was fabulous while it lasted,  some of the best side lighting I have witnessed.

                                                              All the colour has gone now!

                                                                         Drone selfi

                                Chester doesn't look impressed with the sunset  haha

                                                                      End of the evening.

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