Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Cornwall pt3 Boscastle and Port Issac

Today we are on our way to Boscastle , it is up the coast past Tintagel and Port Issac , where we will stop off later this afternoon on the way back.
Last time we were here I had the my favourite ice creme flavour   "Lime"    cant wait to get some this morning .
Clear blue sky and its very warm already, Poor Chester wont like it …..

We are walking around the right hand side of the harbour to walk up to the top of the headland above.

                Fabulous view from up here. Last time we visited we walked around the left side of the harbour up to the lookout post opposite us now.

                                                             A Multi frame Vertorama.

                                                                9 Frame drone panorama.

                                               Looking across to the lookout post .

                                           Flying further up the coastline for a quick image.

                                          Awwww   poor Chester suffering in the heat!

                                                                   Happy  Mollster

                                           On way back down now , time to get an ice creme.

Having found the ice creme shop , Gutted!!!!   no Lime ice creme .  I have been looking forward to it for months .
Fed up now!

                         Time to leave now and head towards Doc Martins village   Port Issac.
We have been here numerous times but never managed to fly the drone as it has always been too windy, but today its looking great, except no clouds in the sky.

Having parked at Port Gaverne which is just around the headland ,we have walked around and through through the village up onto the hills overlooking the harbour.    this is a phone shot of  the view  across the harbour.

                                                                            Take off!

                   Just got up in the air in time to catch this boat sailing out of the harbour!   YAY!

                                     A full view of Port Issac and around to Port Gaverne .

                                                               Looking towards Port Gaverne .

                                                           Multi frame Vertorama

                                            The end of another fabulous day in Cornwall .

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