Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Perranporth and Bedruthan sunset End of Holiday

              Its almost the end of our Cornwall holiday , tonight we are heading to Perranporth .

             Walking  past the top carpark where we have parked around the headland heading towards Clogga head .  just a short walk tonight.

                     A 21 frame Drone panorama , the light is rubbish at the moment unfortunately.

                                 A phone shot as the light is starting to look good over the grass's

              The sun is setting now, but not a cloud in sight so its not going to colour up tonight.

                                                     Lovely light now over the fields.

            I have put the drone up again, flying out over the sea to look towards the town and beach.
                                             but the light isn't really doing much tonight .

                                                   a Topdown panorama of the headland.

                      9 frame panorama , clearly showing the different water colours, very unusual.

                                                                Another Topdown panorama

          Meanwhile...…….. Jan takes a selfi with Chester illuminated by the warm low setting sun .


                                                                        Sunset ………..

The next morning we have walked down to Holywell beach with the dogs and gave them a good run , now  the last evening of the holiday I have come back to Bedruthan for hopefully another sunset.
the clouds are looking fabulous at the moment. But on the horizon its thickening up quickly, which is not good.

While I'm waiting to see if the sky is going to develop, I put the drone up for a few minutes.

a 9 frame panorama , just no light to illuminate the cliffs tonight.

                                                                       4 frame Vertorama
            Great sky, but the sun just isn't breaking through the cloud on the horizon unfortunately

                    One dslr image , for a couple minutes the light lit up the grasses in front of me.

That is the end of our holiday in Cornwall, and to say goodbye to the caravan.  this has been our last holiday in it .

    In a weeks time we pick up this …………………...

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