Tuesday, 20 November 2018

1st Trip in new van August 5 th

Today is the first trip in our new campervan, it is a Wildax Constellation3 , based on a Citroën relay van. It will take a bit of getting used to compared to the caravan, especially with the Terrible Twosome in a smaller space ,  but much more practical to use especially for short weekend trips.

       We are heading to Anglesey, to a temporary caravan and camping club site at Llgwy beach .
Not much setting up after we arrived, at least compared to the caravan.  make sure its level and the chairs are out , that's it :)

A walk down onto the beach to watch the sunset,  we are keeping the dogs on lead as we don't want them wet in the van overnight.

                 In the morning its warm and lovely blue sky , time to go for a walk on the beach.

                                   Quite a few large jellyfish have been left on the beach.

                                                                      Stupid Spanner!

This is the view looking towards Dulas bay, there is an old boat wreck there right around up in the estuary  that I want to photograph tonight.

                                                         Chester is relaxing  haha

                                                    Knackered after this mornings walks

                                                            Wine time …………

Time to go out to take some photos,   Jan is staying with the dogs while I go for a long walk to Dulas bay.       stopping off on the way to fly the drone out to Ynys Dulas which is just off the coast in the Bay.

Now I have walked around the headland ,through the trees onto the salt marsh,   the boat wreck is on the far side of the estuary.     Flying the drone over and shooting a series of shots to form a Vertorama.

                                                                Topdown over the wreck .

                The marshes look very different from above, this image is made up from 5 images.

Turning the drone around looking towards Lligwy, the low sun is creating superb shadows, with the salt marsh clearly visible at the bottom of this Vertorama.

                                              A closer view with fabulous light on the trees now .

                    I have now shot a 180 degree 21 frame panorama , showing the entire estuary.

Time to wait for sunset, but with no cloud it didn't happen.

the end of our first trip,   where to next ?   #vanlife

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