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Drone flying Lake District Jan 28 th 2019

Today we are all going up to the Lake district, heading to Glenridding . there is a bit of snow on the tops but not sure if we will get high enough for that.
After getting stuck on the motorway for ages after traffic was stopped to allow the Air Ambulance to land after a bad crash, we have eventually arrived at Glenridding  at 11.20  am!    a bit late   Arghhhh.

We stopped off on the way to get this phone shot near Troutbeck park  .  What a lovely day its looking like going to be .

      We are taking the Mires Beck path up towards the hole in the wall on the way up Helvellyn. I was in two minds whether to take the other route directly towards Kepple Cove and then Red Tarn.
Its quite warm down here but will be colder as we climb higher.    I have the drone so hopefully will get some good images today.

                                                The steep path up following the stream.

Jan is struggling already ,its going to take ages to get any height.   I don't think we will get to Red Tarn which was my plan unfortunately, and its so late already it would be getting dark before we would get back.

As we get up higher there is increasing amounts of snow and ice , here the path is treacherous with ice and Mollster is trying to eat it   haha

We have found a really nice area to fly from,  but first the Terrible Twosome are posing for a picture.  makes a change to get Chester to do this!!!!

                                                Time to get the Drone up in the air.
              A beautiful view across Glenridding and Ullswater , but I will photograph that later.

Looking upwards towards the hole in the wall, I can fly up the mountain to view the Helvellyn range while still keeping at the legal maximum 400ft above ground level.  

A 5 frame Vertorama, looking down on the path we are on heading up to Bleaberry Crag and Catstye cam left side in front of Helvellyn just in the corner .

Here is a 9 frame panorama, shot in the auto panorama mode on the phantom 4 pro., merged in lightroom.    showing l-r     Helvellyn, Catstye Cam, Whiteside,  Raise and Stybarrow Dodd.

5 frame Vertorama , shot manually adjusting exposure for each frame as the camera is tilted downwards to balance the light exposure.

                                                                    Drone flyer Panorama

One last panorama on this battery before changing and looking at the beautiful views across to Ullswater,      Flying behind me a little further away to show the side of Grisedale Brow and Nethermost Cove on the far left.

                                                                        Rest time   haha

Having changed the battery I will take a look towards Ullswater , the low sun is really bringing out the detail in the landscape , and the wall makes a superb lead in line for a superb composition.

                 What a stunning view , the light is fabulous now , pity about the clear blue sky!

            A full 9 frame panorama , the snow topped High street is clearly visible in the distance .
The wall is a perfect lead in line through the image, taking the eye straight towards the lake and then around to the mountains.

This view is perfect for a Vertorama image, Composed to following the wall towards Glenridding and Ullswater.

            That's a perfect way to end this Lake district trip.   Jan doesn't want to go any further, its gone 2 pm so will be dark in less that 2 hours so time to make our way back down to the car.  

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