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Miners Tack Snowdon 4 th Feb 2019

Its early on a Monday morning,   I have driven down to Snowdonia again to take a walk along the Snowdon Miners track.  Driving up towards Pen-y-pass the light is looking very good with blue sky and thick cloud over the top of Snowdons peak, so a quick drive down to the view point carpark for a short drone flight.
It seems quite windy even this low , so I make this a very short 8 minute flight to get a couple of panorama images.

                                                  Looking into the Snowdon Horseshoe.

                                                                            a phone shot

                                                                  9 frame drone panorama

                Now to drive up to the Pen-y-pass car park, and pay the extortionate £10 to park!
Taking the Miners track out of the car park ,which is a nice easy walk along to the Llyn Lydaw lakes which is the location I want to fly today, there is a nice ruined building which should look good from the air, But  as I walk along this path the wind is increasing substantially and could well ruin my plan!

                                           There is not much snow left unfortunately.

                                   I have reached the lake ,   it is blowing a gale up here now.

The edge of the right hand lake is frozen over with some snow cover , so I shoot this image with the canon 5dsr

As I walk around the lake there is a large waterfall coming down from below Crib Goch, and more importantly it is sheltered from the worst of the wind so I can get the drone up for a few images.

                                                                            Llyn Lydaw

Now for the waterfall, I have put a nd16 filter on to block light entering the camera to slow the shutter speed down, so I can experiment with longer exposures to blur the water

                        This is a 5 frame Vertorama  shot at f8  and 1/6 th second exposure.

                                                            crop from above image

The wind is too strong to fly out over the lake to get shots of the ruins today unfortunately, so I will carry on walking a bit further to see what its like round the corner heading towards Glaslyn.

                                         This rock face is covered in a thick layer of ice!

 Much more snow on the path as I get higher,  the cloud is closing in over the summit so I wont carry on any further today.

                             Back down at the lake, a shot of the ruins , best I can do  today.

Walking back round the lake and crossing the causeway between the lakes I have stopped to look back up at Crib Goch, the sun has broken through the clouds and illuminating the ground in front of me.    so a couple of quick handheld dslr images.

Time to head back to the car , The cloud base has lowered considerably over the summit and is heading this way.

But ahead of me, the sun is lighting up the landscape and as I have come around the corner the wind is not so bad, so I will risk a short flight to get an image or two.

                                                            This is a four image merge.

And as I walk back to the car park the sun is illuminating Capel Curig in the distance ,   using the 100-400mm L lens I managed this image.

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