Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Scotish Holiday day 5 Old man of Storr

OMG!   its before 5am and I am up and on my way to the Old Man of Storr, I don't do mornings Arghhhh      The weather is not looking good, thick cloud on the horizon even though its blue above me but that is moving in the wrong direction.
  I can see the Storr in the distance,  its about 40 minutes fast walk.   Jan declined to come with me, Cant imagine why  lol

                                        Getting closer , and so is the cloud behind me.

Looking back to the rising sun, creating rays through small breaks in the cloud. Doesn't look like I'm going to get any nice warm light on the Storr.   5dsr  17-40 L  5 vertical frames merged in lightroom .

   I am now passing the Pinnacles and heading up to the higher ground to the right , constantly keeping an eye on the sun and cloud.    Half way up towards the high ledge, I have already set up the camera and tripod and the sun breaks through,  having no time to put filters I just compose and shoot three frames, and that's it, the light has gone.

                                            So three images shot  , this is the second one.
                                                Bathed is soft warm light momentarily .

Climbing up to the top, and the light is flat again , its quite windy but I'm going to get the drone up for a few shots.   A 9 frame panorama selfi.

   The sun has moved round and producing a few rays , but the light is rubbish where I need it to be .
                                                                9 frame panorama

One more dslr image,that is enough, the light is not going to change and the sun is too high now to get the images I wanted.

              Time to head back down to the van for breakfast now , taking a couple of phone shots on the way down . Passing load of people on the way up , it was lovely and quiet up top with just a couple of other photographers and campers to be seen.

I have stopped to shoot this image of the rays , its 8.15 now and doesn't look like the cloud is going to clear any time soon.

After breakfast we are heading up the coast road a855, stopping to take this 9 frame panorama of Loch Langaig. We are heading to Duntulm to see the castle ruins.

Arriving at Duntulm to find the cloud has increased , it was blue sky just down the road.  Walking along to the ruins, it is quite busy,fortunatly most people are heading back to the car park luckily.   time to get the drone up for a few quick images , the light is not good again but will try a few shots.

I think this is the best view of  the castle perched on top of the high cliff , a bit of brightness in the background.

Now we are heading around to Uig , to fill up with Lpg.  one of only 2 filling stations on Skye to stock it.
Passing small villages , very pretty.

This is the Skye Museum of island life ,  a quick stop for a look ………..

Now to carry on to Uig.    and when we get to the station the pump wont fill our tank!    no matter what we tried and the station assistant.   Anyhow, we have enough to last a couple of days so we have decided to head to Neist Point lighthouse and park there overnight, the weather is looking very good and a possible sunset.
                                                         Mollster in front of  Niest Point

Tonight I'm hoping for a decent sunset...………………………..

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