Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Scotland Holiday Neist Point Sunset

We are at Neist Point lighthouse on the isle of Skye ,  its a couple of hours before sunset and I am going to get the drone up now as the Crepuscular rays are looking really good out over the sea.  The cloud is looking a bit too heavy for a decent sunset at the moment but that can change quickly.
Jan is staying in the van while I go out for now.

Flying straight out over the water to the left side of the point , level with the lighthouse and the rays behind , looks a good image.

Moving further out and away to get a Panorama , there is some colour developing now.

How lucky am I ,   a tall ship has sailed into view heading towards the lighthouse , And I have the drone out at precisely the right time .

                                                                  9 frame panorama

                         Taking the drone down lower so I can get the rays in the background.

The sky colour is getting stronger , and the Crepuscular rays are still in the same place, they have not moved in over half an hour.  Going even lower to fill the frame with the best colour to get this image just before I need to bring the drone back as the battery is getting low.

Time to get the dslr out now and walk around the right side to look at the lighthouse,   Jan has followed and taken this image of me setting the camera up.    Look at the sky now, but its just that small narrow band of colour.

         My finished image,  8 vertical frames stitched together with 5dsr and 100=400mm L lens

                                                 this is about the correct colour as seen.

                 Jan has been at it again,   this is a cracking image of me on the cliff edge .

The wind is getting up but as there is a bit of colour in the sky I need to get the drone up again for a couple of quick images.

                                                        A couple of 5 frame Vertoramas

               A side on shot of the lighthouse , the colour hasn't really developed in the clouds unfortunately.   it is however in position to get a couple of long exposure dslr images .

                                                    5dsr  17-40L   6 stop nd    33 seconds f14

                         My final image, perfect finish to a great evening at Neist Point .

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