Friday, 11 November 2011

Ryton Wood again Oct 15th

Another trip to ryton wood,  weather again not looking too promising but its better to be out shooting!
There had been a heavy dew overnight so a few dewy spider web shots would be possible.

I started off on the same narrow path where i shot the tree bumble bee on the previous trip,  the devils bit scabious were still flowering and as there were plenty of dew drops on the grass stems, i decided to shoot my first dewdrop refraction of the season.   this image consists of 6 frames focus stacked ,, each one with a slightly different focal point so when combined all parts of the tiny drop are in focus . the best dewdrops are approx 1- 1.5 mm that are perfectly spherical !

Also there were plenty of dew laden webs, with and without spiders in residence!  lol

Walking on into the centre of the wood i found numerous ladybirds, mostly covered in dew !     here i one shot i managed.

I now found myself near the centre of the wood where all the paths meet , and decided as there were plenty of oak trees i would see if i could find some purple hairstreak eggs which are laid next to the leaf buds where the caterpillars bury into to feed when the hatch next spring!    here is the area as pictured in the last trips blog.

On the second branch i inspected i was amazed to have actually found two eggs!   how amazing was that!!!

I continued walking around the wood , looking to find subjects to shoot but there was absolutely nothing bug like to be found!        until i came across an interesting fungi colony on a dead tree stump.  so i set up my tripod which i very rarely do for macro and set about shooting natural light focus stacks at different magnifications.   here are the resulting three images at different magnifications.

I had a quick look around the country park but found nothing more to shoot, so just one image of padgets pool to finish with.

All images shot with canon 5d2, 100mm L and mpe-65

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