Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Westonbirt Arboretum, silk wood

Continuing the Westonbirt Arboretum trip, in the afternoon there were literally hundreds of people in the arboretum to see the wonderful autumn colours and it was making photography extremely difficult!
we decided to head over to  "silk wood" where there is a Japanese maple collection .

As in the previous blog, i will let the colours tell the story!
here is the last pic i shot in the old arboretum, a twisted acer trunk!

Here is a view looking down between the old arboretum on the right with "silk wood" on the left side.
mobile phone picture!

Into the wood the maples and acers were as impressive as in the old arboretum!  this one shot at wide angle with camera as close to ground as tripod would allow!

and another view!

A close up of the leaves !

Here is a shot of Pete trying to shoot a beautiful autumn tree!    a constant stream of people making it very difficult!  lol

whereas i concentrated on a few closer views!

Moving through to the Japanese maple collection we found most of them had already dropped their leaves!!!!!
but i managed few shots of the area!

The maples are set out in amongst the larger trees, which gave interesting lighting!

On the way out i passed a spruce that was beautifully lit up by a shaft of light!  shot with 70-300 zoom i think this is one of my fav shots of the day!

and a wider shot of a different tree with nice atmospheric lighting!

Finally on the way out, a few more shots with side lighting !

and a final shot of the day!

      It was a fantastic day,we just don't see colours like this near home!  well worth the near 3 hour drive!

               IMAGES SHOT WITH CANON 5D2, 100mm L MACRO,17-40 L & 70-300 IS

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  1. Your favourite shot of a "Spruce" is actually a Larch. Probably Larix decidua.