Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Snowdonia Ogwen Valley Waterfalls 3rd Oct

My first landscape trip for the autumn season,  i love the solitude up here in the welsh mountains of snowdonia.   Pete came along on this trip to shoot the waterfalls in the Ogwen Valley opposite Try-fan .
There is not a lot i can actually write about but will let the images show the story of the ever changing weather conditions up in the mountains!!!!!!  lol

This shot was taken a short walk from where we parked, looking down the ogwen valley over lyn ogwen towards the devils kitchen .      as you can see beautiful blue sky, for now!!!!!!!!

A little further up the track this is a wider view of Tryfan on the left, the Glyders  middle and the devils kitchen at the far end.

As we walked higher, the cloud started building over Tryfan and for a few moments had really interesting lighting!

and here is Pete with faint light shafts coming over the mountain.

Walking high up to the first set of waterfalls,the weather was looking quite dull and overcast with heavy cloud, but it changes so fast  up here will probably be blue sky in a few minutes!  lol

Here is a view looking up to the waterfall near top right of the image,[mobile phone camera pic  ]  this is where the first waterfall shot was taken!   blue sky infront, but behind us....

    ....Was thick cloud!!!!!!!!         Here is the first waterfall shot.

and a picture of me shooting a few minutes later with sun and blue sky, again!

Climbing higher to the next set of falls this is the last shot i was to take, the weather coming  over the top of tryfan from mt snowdon, which is over the next valley was looking extremely bad, and I didn't have a coat!!!!!

all shot with canon 5d2 and 17-40L

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