Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Reflections in the Lakes District Nov 13 th

Another trip up to Cumbria,  but this time i did not have any luck with the weather!   it was calm but no decent light or any sun!!!!!!!!   :(

I just had to make the best of it ,  first stop was at a very flat calm Grasmere, superb reflections but after waiting for over an hour i knew there was no chance of any decent light!    i did shoot these few shots for the reflections but really needed a bit of sun to light up the colours.

I then took a scenic drive around Buttermere but it was quite dull and breezy!    Waste of time actually but a good drive! lol    i did take a snapshot of the buttermere pines to to post here.

I then stopped off at thirlmere, the dam end was perfectly flat calm, but again no decent light :(   bummer!

And a good reflections close up :)

shot with 100mm L macro lens

           This was the last of of a quite disappointing day, i did get a few nice reflection shots  but there will always be another trip with better light!

                                   all shots taken with  canon 5d2, 17-40L and 100mm L macro.

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