Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Welsh Mountain Dragonflies June 20th 2011

This was the second trip to cors bodynydd in the welsh mountains high above betws-y-coed to see the Keeled skimmers.  hopefully the males  will have fully coloured up :)
This species are one of my favourites, especially the blue males which look stunning!  unfortunately when i arrived the weather was not very good, thick cloud and drizzly rain but i was here now, so on with the waterproof coat and off for a walk in the rain! lol    after half an hour i had seen nothing, i searched the area i found them in last visit then proceeded to search a wider area around the boggy swamp and stream area.  then unexpectedly i nearly trod on a snake, a beautifully patterned  adder!!   basking on a grassy mound in the rain!!!   very strange......

They have wonderful eyes :)

Having taken a couple quick shots before it slithered off into the undergrowth i continued over to more dryer ground where heather grows all over the area and it was here i found my target species, male Keeled skimmers perching on the heather bushes.   with the overcast conditions the light was perfect for shooting these dragons!

            The first male was almost fully coloured, you can still see the gold colour showing through!

the next one fully coloured, wonderful!

and another with gold still showing through on the abdomen!

Finding one low down near the ground i put on the mpe-65 macro lens to take a close up shot , this one still had rain drops all over it!

To finish off a great morning , shots of both male and female on my hand to show size of the little dragons:)

all shots taken with canon 5d2, 100mm L & mpe-65 macro lenses

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