Thursday, 15 December 2011

Welsh Mountain Damselflys & Dragonflies June 6th/20 th 2011

Back in the summer i went up into the welsh mountains to a lake above Betws-y-coed to see the rare Scarce blue tail damselfly -Ischnura pumilio .  the shallow boggy mountain lake has a good population of them along with common blue tails and Keeled skimmer dragonflies.  but shooting is quite difficult because it always seems to be windy up high! 
There are two lakes, the first one   Cors bodyndd   has a huge number of Keeled skimmers - Orthetrum coerulescens. 

i wanted to find the dragonflies before it warmed up too much and they start to fly!  after an hour of not finding anything i had decided to go over to the other lake , but suddenly i spotted one flying, so i crossed a boggy stream area and found dozens of them warming themselves in the sun in a sheltered clearing!

here is a newly emerged female, beautiful colouration!

Then a male , you can just see the colour changing , a mature adult will be all blue!

I then found a male that has really started turning colour!

Having shot enough of this species for this day i made my way over to the other lake 
Llyn Tyn-y-mynydd.

This is the lake that has a good population of the rare Scarce blue tail damsel.  The Most beautiful is the female form "aurantiaca"

Almost immediately i found a couple perching on grass stems ,  i shot these with 100mm L macro, at f5.6 to get a nice clean background to show off these beautiful damsels!

They really are stunning to see!

Here is a male as a comparison!

and another female aurantiaca

This boggy mountain lake also has a large number of the native round leaved sundew.

There were also plenty of the more common  Blue - tail damselflies - ischnura elegans.
The females have at least five  distinct colour forms , here is the "rufescens" form

and a  "violacea" form

and a male

i suddenly found a female Keeled skimmer,with  beautiful lighting!

Then more female scarce blue tails!  cant get enough of these!

Meal time!

The end of a fantastic day , i came back to shoot the Keeled skimmers when they had fully coloured up, another blog to write!   lol

all shots canon 5d2, 100mm L macro lens.

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