Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Garden Bug Hunt 9th March 2015

Time for a bit of macro i think , not done nearly enough for ages, so while it is dry i will dust off the macro gear and get the mpe-65 out to find some tiny Springtails :)

Moving pots on the patio i have found loads of them , but they are so fast I'm struggling to find any that will stay still long enough to find in the viewfinder lol     at x5 magnification with mpe focal distance is under 2 inch, and with the largest of these springtails at about 3mm in length is proving difficult, especially as i am out of practise!!!!!!!! 

                      Eventually i have found one on a algae covered stone ,  Isotomurus maculatus :)

                            f7.1  full diffused flash iso100   x 5 magnification and cropped a touch.

 On a piece of rotten wood i have been examining i have noticed a few of these, Tomocerus minor
the flash shows of its colours :)

At last i have found a Globular Springtail , a small one under 2mm in length  Dicyrtomina saundersi

                        this image is again at x5 magnification and cropped a bit for composition.

                                    Big crop from similarly composed frame as above , they are Tiny!

 I have not found any more that will stay still long enough , so a Woodlouse makes a good portrait :D

                                    A Green lacewing at x5 magnification on a piece of kitchen towel.

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