Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ogwen valley in snow march 29th 2013

After yet more heavy snow mid week in Snowdonia i had to get up there, the web cam in Ogwen valley showed a good covering, but i really didn't expect the amount i found when i got there!   the snow was over 2 ft deep on the road side pavements which meant parking was a slight problem as this is where everyone normally parks, luckily i managed to squeeze into the last spot in a lay bye that had been snow ploughed!

My first view from the roadside approaching from Nant -Ffracon valley

Llyn Ogwen is only partially frozen as it has not been really cold, but with part covered in snow i am walking down the road, actually on top of a 3 ft snow drift  to photograph the view back towards Y Garn and the Devils Kitchen where i will be walking towards later . this is the view from the cottages end of Llyn Ogwen.

 looking back to Y Garn (centre image)  i am walking down onto the lake side to get some images , the snow is fairly deep, as you can see it is level with the top of the wall !

i think i will try and get out onto the lake , there will be some interesting compositions from further out at water level hopefully, the snow has a frozen crust after overnight low temperatures so i am managing to walk on top without sinking deep into it making walking easier.

that's a much better view now , its about 8 am and the low sun is producing some nice shadows/textures in the snow.

i love the way the light shows up all the textures and undulations in the snow , and out of the corner of my eye have just spotted a really interesting composition over to the right that might just make a superb image.

Yes i was correct, i really like the shadows from the tree branches across the snow , i am shooting it from a few different places to see which composition works best.    i think i like this one best .

                                                                         a full wide shot

                                                                     More ice patterns

        I am heading back to the car now to get Molly , she is waiting to go for a play in the snow .the mountains in the centre of image is where we will be climbing up to, will just have to see how high we can get .

this has been a great start to the day , now its time to climb up to Cym Idwal and see what its like up higher.

to be continued ............ 

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  1. That looks a stunning area and some lovely shots. What no Mol?! :-D