Friday, 14 November 2014

Cornwall July 11th pt1 Holywell bay Sunset

I seems only last week we came back from Tenby , it was actually 3 weeks ago lol   any how the Terrible Twosome , or as they will be called for this holiday "the Bodmin Beasts" have been loaded in the car , caravan packed and we are on our way all the way down to Newquay for the week :)

 After just over 6 & 1/2 hours we have arrived at the camp site , well its just a sloping bit of field actually!    but a superb view :)  and near to the beaches :D           Mollster is happy after the long journey.    and Chester takes up residence in ...........

                                                                    a reclining chair :D

 After dinner we are going to drive down to Holywell Beach which is only about 18 minutes drive  , hopefully might get a sunset tonight .
After parking in the national trust car park we walk across the dunes , cross the bridge and walk onto the beach, the tide is on its way in i think.

  Stunning warm evening on a beautiful almost deserted beach!   I love the ripples in the sand  lit by the low setting sun :)

  A few minutes later the light starts turning warmer :)   a long exposure of 91 seconds  smoothes out the incoming tide over the ripples.

 Bodmin Beasts are having loads of fun in the sea   , now my turn to start photographing the sunset .

       Jan is keeping the "beasts" ocupied while the sun lights up the cliffs behind us ..

I am now shooting long exposures with the incoming tide coming over the very shallow rippled sand , 91 seconds exposure on this one with a 10 stop nd filter.

                                                                         Here i am :)

              One of Jans series of "Find Phil" images  haha     more to come in the following week

the Beasts are tired now , while i am still shooting but the sun is not going to colour up much tonight as cloud has steadily built up :(

          Love the effect of the water slowly moving over the sand ripples   9 seconds for this one

                                                         54 seconds as a comparison.
         silky smooth water and more colour from the setting sun, pity all the cloud has ruined sunset

Time to go now , the weather is not looking good tomorrow for most of the day, but we have to go shopping in the morning so not too bad .

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