Monday, 10 November 2014

Dark Green Fritillaries at Newbough warren Anglesey June 30th 2014

Today i am going in search of Dark  Green Fritillaries  , there is a good site on the Island of Anglesey off the North Wales coast . So with  Mollster loaded in the car,  of we go :)     its looking a very warm sunny day , which might make it difficult to photograph them but they will at least be on the wing :)

After a 2 hour drive i arrive at Newbough car park , and decide to walk down towards the dunes firstly.

                                         There are plenty of wild Orchids in the clearings

 I have just spotted three Green Fritts :)   next to the main path  and i manage to get this open wing shot .

                                                                      and a Grayling

 Mol is getting restless so time to take her down to the beach, there is a slight problem though , dogs are not allowed on the beach at this time of year!    which is bloody stupid as its deserted!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i have to walk right down the coastline and around the headland to get to a dog friendly beach! 

                                    Around the boadwalk for no apparent reason ..................

                 and down the road side path amongst the buttercups which are looking lovely :)

 The path comes out next to the dunes by an almost deserted beach, the only people on it are walking to the peninsula to the lighthouse which is cut of by the incoming tide.

 i have made my way through the dunes and then the woods  which was not easy as there was no path!     we are high up on the headland and have to scramble down to the beach now!

                         Hurry up dad , i want to go in the sea Mollster is probably thinking!

After making our way down to the beach Mol is straight in after a stick i have found...............

The tide is coming in fast and have to be careful not to get cut off as there is not much of the beach where we have to climb back up.  After 20 mins its time to go and find some more butterflies .
The tide is almost across the narrow part cutting off the island very soon , we are now up top and walking back through the forest .

 Good view from up here , i have just noticed 2 people with dogs on the beach  as a ranger drives along and shouts at them   lol     its ok having a dog ban in summer hols when kids will be on the beach but its stupid midweek at this time!   Mutter Mutter LOL

 Back now up on the rough ground behind the dunes in search of butterflies , i have tied Mol to the gate so i can chase the Fritillaries :)

          Got one feeding !  Yay      it has taken ages , they are very flighty and i cant get near them

                                                                        a close view

                                                    Open wings nicely, so beautiful :)

             One last look before we go, its clouded over now and the butterflies have vanished!

                                                                   the end of a great day

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