Friday, 21 November 2014

Tintagel Cornwall holiday july 13th

Saturday morning in Cornwall and its wet !    we need to find a Tesco or somewhere to get provisions but until it eases off a bit we will stay in the caravan making plans of where to go this week .
About 4 o'clock the rain has stopped and we are driving into Newquay to go shopping , unfortunately the road the sat nav is trying to take us down is closed!   in fact after ages driving around in circles trying to find another way around All the roads are closed!    We cannot get to Tesco!      by accident i have just found Sainsburys on my phone and have parked in here , it seems today is the last day of a week long festival and a parade is going around the streets closing all the roads.
We take a quick look down at the harbour but it is dull and overcast so no pics worth taking , after stocking up with food its back to the van to plan tomorrows trip , the weather is looking great so Tintagel castle is our destination .

The following morning the sun is shining and blue sky greets us   :)
A 40 minute drive to Tintagel and we manage to squeeze into the small car park , only 2 spaces left. Phew!
We have just walked down a steep path down to the visitor centre to get tickets to go over onto the island ,There is a landrover service taking people up and down for a couple of quid but we are not that old!    lol     

 There is a steep section of steps up to the first castle but we bypassed this and are going straight over the bridge and up to the castle ruins.

                                                                     the ruins :)   lol

                                                         a good lookout post

                                             Mol is posing nicely with me for a change

                        There is not much left of the castle  considering how thick the walls are!

Must be first time Both the Terrible Twosome (aka  Bodmin Beasts) have co operated for a photo :)

                             Chester just had to go and nearly fall out of this hole!!!!!!   haha

                                     Mollsters turn to pose, she is doing this well today  hehe

 We have found a great spot in the sun on top of the headland to eat lunch , fantastic views all around  , but Moll is more interested in our food :)         Luckily she hasn't noticed the mountain goats!!!!!

              I have just spotted a few more mountain goats down below the cliff top Jan is standing on :)
amazing how they get up and down the sheer cliffs here!

                                                             Here i am shooting Mol

                                                            The resulting image :)

                           Waves are crashing against the cliffs now as the tide is coming in

Its a stunning coastline looking towards Pert Isaac in the distance , where we are going later in the week :)

                                                            posing next to a sea stack :)

                                                   She is really showing off today   lol

                            What a view!           all the way up past Boscastle and Bude

Castle ruins , wonder what actually happened to all the castles over the years after they were abandoned.

Its a long way up there , we have decided Not to climb up!  wouldn't be fair on the dogs!   hehe
so back over the bridge and take the left path down to the cove seems a better idea for Us :)

                   Its a beautiful cove , dogs on lead i believe though. so down to paddle Beasts :)

                                                                Having fun in the sea :)       

                          Time to explore the cave , Moll is not too happy going in here though

O dear , dam people throwing stones into the sea , she is going mad to get to them !   arghhhh

They are both having fun anyhow , i am going to go over to the end rocks to take a few pics, Jan is sitting down on the rocks watching me ........

I have just taken this and the Beast has pulled me off the rock into the stream entering the cove, my feet are soaked!!!!   thanks Mol       she is straining to get to stones being thrown in and her collar attachment has just broken!!!!!!   

After seemingly ages trying to catch her, she has been running up and down in the surf chasing stones!!!!!!      i have encouraged her into the cave where i have cornered her and caught her!  what a bad Mollster!
a final shot of the waterfall down the cliff before heading  back to the visitor centre and the very steep climb up to the village .

                                                                       one last image

its been a great day , very warm and complete contrast to yesterdays drizzly rain most of the day , the forecast for the week is changing and looks like going to be dry for the rest of our stay down here   Yay !
                                    tonight im going back to Holywell for the sunset :)

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