Thursday, 16 July 2015

How Hill Sunset 10th june 2015

Time to go down to How Hill to shoot the Windpumps at sunset , the weather is looking ok so far but not really enough cloud for a good one.
After parking up i go down to the river and walk to the right first as its still ages until sunset time.

                                                        A phone pano of the boat house

 While walking towards Boardmans skeleton mill, i stop and watch two Marsh Harriers hunting over the fields opposite :)     wonderful to see and then as i turn back a Barn Owl flies straight past me with a vole or mouse in its claws!   Amazing!

                                 Turf Fen mill in evening sunlight . shot with 100-400 mm lens.

      As the sun sets the wind has dropped to give mirror reflections , pity there is not much cloud :(

Moving to the end of the staith to shoot this 3 frame hdr merged image.  just after shooting this,  i hear a loud crashing in the reads in front of me,  must be an otter hunting  :)

                       Back to the main subject , this is about as strong a colour that i got unfortunately.

                                                            A Panorama image to finish

                         Walking back to the Skeleton mill for a quick shot before leaving.......

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