Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Norfolk holiday june 9th 10 th

Today i am going to have another look for Swalowtail  butterflies at  Strumpshaw  fen.
Its quite windy but warmish and bright with sunny periods forecast , but im not hopeful!

Arriving at the reserve there are no butterflies on the flowers in the garden near the entrance  so i decide to walk around the reserve anyhow to take a look.......

                            Around the meadows and marshes i have not seen anything whatsoever!

                                                  Not even a Dragonfly or Damselfly :(

At the far end near the Swalowtail breeding area , the only thing i have spotted is this Lizard ......

                                                      finally get to use my macro lens :D

                                                                              Very cute :)

                               On the way out a Sawfly and then in the field beyond a ...........

                                                                                 Pheasant :)

Not a butterfly to be seen unfortunately.    now to go back to collect Jan the dogs to go for a walk.

An afternoon walk from Horsey mill to the beach , a good long walk and a few seals to watch for a while .

                                  The Seals are so nosey, coming up to watch us .

The following morning we are going to Holkham Hall which is right up at the top of North Norfolk coast near Wells-next-the-sea.  When we arrive, after paying car parking we are told the hall is closed on Wednesday's!!!!!!!!   WTF?                 there is virtually no mobile coverage so cant check on line and we have driven nearly hour and a half & its bloody closed!!!!! 

At least we can go for a walk in the estate ..............

                                                                 Mollster looks happy :)

                                                          Top end of the entrance.

 Enough of this walking, after a bite to eat in the car we drive down to Holkham bay to run the dogs on the Huge beach!                   

                                                                   Very wet...................

                     Time to head back now, stopping off at  Cley Mill on the way to Cromer.

                                                                Early  Evening in Cromer

                             And a walk on the Pier , which Terrifies Mollster   Oooops lol

after a visit to the famous chippy near the pier we head back to the caravan , and hopefully a  sunset at How Hill later :)

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