Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ted Ellis Wheatfen reserve Norfolk in search of Dragons june 2015

This morning a walk around the Ted Eliss Wheatfen nature reserve , its warmish and still a bit breezy so might have a chance to spot a Swallowtail but hopefully a few Norfolk Hawkers which i have never seen.

                                                  First view of the reserve, beautiful :)

 Almost straight away i have spotted a few dragons , Scarce chasers    there are loads of them as i walk along the rush lined channels.  another new species i have never seen before :)

                                                              Female Scarce chaser.

                                                                 Male Scarce chaser

 I have come to a crossroads, i want to go right along a smaller drain but a family of swans have nested right on the edge of the path and they are Not letting me pass!!!!!!!!!!      lol

 I continue on the path along the River Yare boundary but cant find any that are settling.  walking all way around and come to a smaller cut through track along a small drain , and there are loads of dragons flying everywhere :)   Scarce Chasers and Norfolk Hawkers patrolling along the edges in repetitive flying patterns .

                                                           Mating Scarce Chasers :)

                              Overgrown drain where the Norfolk Hawkers are flying.

 Yay   got a perched Norfolk Hawker , had to shoot with 100-400mm lens and crop to get these images.

                                            Stunning dragons with bright green eyes .

It has been a really nice walk around this reserve, no sign of any Swallowtails but plenty of Dragons :)

After a successful morning its time to go back to Sea Palling to give the dogs a good run on the beach , its quite warm again and the sun is out.   they are soon tired  lol

                                       Awwww  Poor Chester , he looks Knackered :(

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