Monday, 2 November 2015

Cornwall Holiday July 2015 pt1

Holibobs time  YAY!

We are staying at the "Crossroads" campsite at Cubert  near Holywell Bay.   The terrible twosome have been loaded in the car and we are off on the 5.5 hour journey, the weather is as we always seem to get,   looking very good :)

After a straight foreword journey we have arrived to clear blue sky :)     The "Holywell Horrors" are chilling out while we set up the van before taking them down to the beach tonight .

After dinner we have driven down to Holywell NT carpark which is only about 5 mins away , and making our way across the sand dunes to the beach.

                                                            Gull rock behind Mollster :)

          The "Holywell Horrors" are having a great time , and just look at the colour of the water :)

                                                                  View to Gull Rock

 The next morning the sun is shining, its quite warm so we are going to Padstow then on to Hawkers Cove which is a good dog friendly beach.
Beautiful harbour here , we are going to walk around to the war memorial at St Saviour's point now.

After a lovely short walk we have arrived at the memorial , the poppies are amazing shining in the sun :)

                                                                      Mollster Posing

                                                                   Wild flower meadow.

                   Padstow in the distance , where the car is parked with only 3/4 hour left and we have found that Hawkers cove is just around corner from here!  Doh!

 After driving all the way around the headland we are on Hawkers cove,
 straight in the water they go :D 


                                                              Surfing the wave   lol

                               Its a beautiful area, one we haven't been to before.

                                                                     Flying Ears :)

                                                           Synchronised swimmings

I have nipped down to the beach for sunset but it hasn't done anything much , so just a few pic taken.

                                            A long exposure to smooth out the waves .

            Tomorrow we are going to our favorite location , the fabulous Bedruthan Steps.

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