Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Cornwall Holiday pt3 Tin mines and Lands End. July 2015

This morning we are going to the Levant Tin mine which is one of the locations that was used for filming "Poldark" on tv.   It is way past St Ives down towards Lands End near to St Just.
After just over an hours drive we have arrived and park in the national trust car park,  Walking down the hill to the mine entrance..............

 Its another lovely blue sky day , we always seem to be very lucky with the weather on our holidays :)

                      Here is the boiler that powers the steam engine that powers the mines lifts.   
                  This isn't the original one, this replacement was found in a wood near st Austell.

                     It is in full steam  , we can see the pistons and all the valve gear moving.

 This is the drum that holds the lift cable which would have lifted the tin out of the mine ,there was a conveyor belt nearby i think.    the mine shafts extend 600 ft down and 2.5 km out under the sea.

                                                                "Cyanide" chimney

                       Walking around the headland , looking back at the mine buildings.

                                          Always have to have a Mollster posing shot :)

                          Time to head off to Lands End now which is just down the coast road.
                                        Stunning coastline down here as is to be expected :)

                              The "Lands End Hotel" is on the cliff top in corner of this image.

                                Chester is actually posing!!!!!!!   An amazing rare occurrence :D

                               The rocks out off the point  , Mol doesn't look happy  lol

                                           Ooops   i pushed her off!!!!!!!!         Only joking    Haha     

        Selfi at the Pathetic new Lands End sign!!!!                Well you just have to don't you :D

     I remember the old one which had loads of arms on it with distances to all major cities around the world.
The cliff edge has collapsed, so the spot where the original one has a small picture board and this new one has been built near the back of the Hotel.

                                                             The board says it all :)

                                                     The end of the land ............

                                                                The Hotel / village entrance

Time to leave now , we decided to stop off in Penzance on the way back , i remember it being a busy vibrant fishing port, with loads of touristy shops along the harbour & people fishing off the harbour walls ect.
We arrived and started walking towards the harbour, and the heavens opened!     torrential rain and we got soaked , But the old Penzance i remember is No more..... Its a total Dump now. Run down and deserted , maybe the other side where it looks like it has been re developed is better , But i will not find out  Will never go there again.  #ruined my memories.

Sunset as we near the caravan park  , might just get down to the beach ......

                                                                  No   didn't make it:(
 All the colour disappeared as i crossed the stream towards the beach:(          maybe tomorrow night .

                                                But a long exposure image to end with :)

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