Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Cornwall Holiday pt4 Sat Nav Incident, Polperro & Holywell Sunset

After it rained all night and early this morning we have had a lie in ,  the forecast is looking great for the south Cornwall coast , so a quick look on my phone ( almost out of data!!!!! )    Polperro is a village i have always wanted to visit so this is our destination , Now usually i search on maps for the car park and get the postcode , but as i didn't want to use up any more data i just typed "Polperro" into the cars sat nav.   easy   right?    Well Nooooooo      When we got near , i had a feeling something was wrong , But as i had just passed a sign saying "Village centre"  i didn't think anything more about it........ Until going down a steep narrow road to a point where we wouldn't Fit between the side walls!!!!!!!!!!    Bollocks and all other words .. Ffffff         luckily we where stuck right next to a small cottages drive , Jan directed me, as i attempted a 60 point turn.......... Yes carry on she said..............scrape...............  Bump.........  Arggggggg    thought you said ok????????         Ooops

After this bad start to the day , it can only get better , and it did :)     Polperro is Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  The forecast was correct , blue sky everywhere here now and its really warm .

 I am regretting not bringing my camera , but these phone pics look ok :)

 Just found a Tiger moth ,    i initially thought it was a cream spot tiger, but looking in books they show it is a Scarlet tiger moth :)      since i have never seen either it is a new species for me :)

                                   Panorama from the top of the hill overlooking the village

                                                                       Posing time :D

 Back in the village and we are heading to the other side .........  Pity the tide is out , would look much nicer at high tide .

                                                                Shell house :)

                                  Flowers on the walls really make a difference , Beautiful :)

                                                               Lovely narrow streets.

                                  This is the road the sat nav wanted to bring us down!!!!!!!!
                                                             Looks a bit narrow  lol

                                                       A Memorial at the top of the hill .

                                                    Its time to head to the chippy now
                                                            Nice view to sit and eat :)

Time to leave now , a nice walk up to the car park, and a long drive back ,  whats the chance of a good sunset tonight i am thinking.

                           I have made it down to the beach  , but think i am a little late!
               Jan has stayed back at the van with the Holywell Horrors and a bottle of wine!  
  Its blowing a gale with big waves.  Using the big stopper for long exposures might be a little difficult.     but i will try.

       Looks like i have missed the best colour yet again :(     but its still looking very dramatic :)

                                                               "Gull Rock" Sunset

                                                           49 seconds , f16 , iso 400

                                                        48 seconds, f16 , iso 400

                                                                  "Calm before the Storm"          

                                                                      0.6 sec , f18 , iso100

       A slightly shorter 0.3 sec exposure to give slightly different wave motion. there are some really big waves crashing in now as its almost high tide.

                  the "Blue hour" after sundown , long exposure -   251 seconds, f16 ,iso 400

                                                  The end of a great day in Cornwall :)

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