Friday, 6 April 2018

Barcelona Holiday pt 1

We are on our way to Barcelona for a short 4 day break , Jan's daughter Ellie lives there so hopefully we will have a tour guide for part of the visit.   We are on an early evening flight due to land at about 9 pm and Ellie will be meeting us at the airport to show us how to get to our hotel.

                           Flying over the  Pyrenees with plenty of snow on the tops .

Landing on time we meet up and go to get the train into the city , this first part would have been hard enough without local knowledge   haha     Changing train lines would have been impossible !
I think we have got off at a station called Jaume i ,  two stops before our hotel  and we are going to walk around a few of the sights on the way to hotel Del Mar.    With Ellie obviously knowing the area she took us around the small back streets to the Barcelona Cathedral.

                        Then we go through a small square , with very old buildings all around.

We are now next to the Basilica church of Sants del Mar , the square has a modern art sculpture which has the Olympic flame from the Barcelona games in 1992.

We have eventually reached our hotel after stopping for a small snack and a drink.  Tomorrow, Thursday, we are going to see the Magic Fountain light show in the evening at 8 pm , it is only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we are lucky its on while we are here.  In the morning we have decided to go to the Parc Guell , but according to trip adviser reports the area you have to pay to go in is like a building site at the moment with renovations going on so we will only go around the main park area.

Thursday morning and its warm with blue sky, we walk across towards the marina to find the bus stop , after half an  hour Jan works out where it is!!!  Doh!   The transport ticket allows one hour 30 minutes of travel for one euro!  and can take as many journeys in that time as we want,   how good is that!

After about 45 minutes on the v17 we get off  the bus and start walking to the Parc , i have stopped after seeing this view of the amusement park high on the hill in the distance and put my 100-400 mm L lens on the Canon 5dmk2 to take this image.

 Walking into the parc we get a view across the city , its Huge!   We have found this beautiful house , with Wisteria in flower and i have spotted quite a few large Carpenter Bees feeding.

                               No macro lens with me, but still managed a shot.

                                                                              Selfi Time

 We are now walking around to the Turo de les Creus monument , Ellie and her boyfriend Pato are going to meet us there.      its packed here, with a guy playing guitar and singing New Orleans blues and singing .  he is really good.    

 We have managed to get to the top but with no room decide to go down to the bottom and take another selfi .

I have spotted a large butterfly flying around in the sun, and can see that it is a Swallowtail , i must try to get an image of it.   It keeps landing on the rocks and eventually i get close enough to take a few images.

                                                                  Scarce Swallowtail

Looking across the parc from here i can photograph some of the fabulous architecture using the long lens .

                      A Crop into the above frame to show the amazing detail in these buildings.

We are now sitting in the sun listening to the Blues player and another busker appears , he looks a weirdo  haha!   the blues player packs up and disappears , i guess he must know how bad he is   lol      anyhow, he starts playing guitar,banging maraca's and singing  and he is absolutely dreadful!!!!!!! Jan messages Ellie to find out how long they will be and txts  "hurry up and save us"  

They eventually arrive, with Lucy , we move quickly to a clearing to have something to eat.  Jan takes this portrait.

                 Time to walk down to the bottom of the hill to go along the perimeter of the free area.

Its really warm in the sun , and these palm trees have loads of green parrots building nests under the canopy , i am trying my best to try and get a photograph but it is proving very difficult in the shade and palm leaves.

This curved wall carved out of the hill side looks great ,and the parrots are flying constantly in under the canopy's carrying small branches to construct their nests.

                                                                        Family portraits

I have been watching the parrots for a few minutes under this canopy , and i have managed a few shots , but nothing very good unfortunately.

                          Managed to get this image, its not great but its better than nothing!

                                            Looking back the way we have just walked.

              A long lens shot across the parc , stunning Mosaic work on the Guadi buildings.

This is the area you have to pay to go inside , about 16 to 20 euros Each,  but half of it is being renovated and even the roof floor is missing in this part.

                   This half of the roof has been finished, in comparison to the previous image.

             Time to leave now , walking down to the exit and on our way to find some ice cream .

This is the entrance stairs of the paid area , looks fabulous, but we will come back another time after it has been finished to take a look.

                                                    And to finish , one of Jan's images :)

The end of a great morning and early afternoon in Barcelona ,   the Magic Fountain light show tonight to look forward to.

                    all images taken with canon 5dmk2, 17-40L , 100-400L and i phone 7 plus

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