Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Barcelona pt4 Sagrada Familia and Castle Montjuic

Today, Saturday we are going to take a look around some of the Guadi designed buildings, starting with the Basilica Sagrada Familia.

Still being built, and has been for a very long time from what i have found out.

                               Every part is different , amazing detail all over the building.
                                        using my 100-400 L to pick out interesting detail.

Moving around one of the adjacent parks and shooting over the lake using the trees to frame and hide the cranes .

                                         The opposite side has Four of these beautiful spires.

                                                            Framing with trees again :)

We are now heading to see the Casa Mila and then to Casa Batllo but stopped to take this image, love this building .

                                                                               Casa Mila

       Standing opposite the stunningly beautiful Casa Batllo , this is a 6 frame vertical panorama.
                                                                 5dmk2  17-40 L

                                                                  5dmk2 with 100-400 L

                                                                       Phone panorama

             Now to go find the Las Ramblas , passing the fountains at Placa de Catalunya

                                    Las Ramblas ,  absolutely packed with people.

                                      Modern Art or old?      Placa de George Orwell

Time to head back to the hotel , and after a short rest we are heading back out to go to the Castell de Montjuic for sunset.  we take the bus towards the Magic Fountain and then get a bus straight up to the castle.    
                              Waiting at Placa d'Espanya for the bus to the Castle.

 Arrived at the castle, but found out it closes at 8 pm so no waiting for sunset from the top , Arghhh

                                                 Up top and looking around......

                                                  Great views looking over the city

            Using the long lens to pick out buildings as the low setting sun starts illuminating them.

                                                        Looking towards the marina.

                                                       The stunning Sagrada Familia

                                                    shows just how huge it is from up here! 

                                                 Cant take Jan anywhere near a statue!!!!

                                                                      Phone panorama

                                                                               Two Jan's :)

                   Time to leave, in other words we are being kicked out at closing time!
We are going to walk back down and meet up with Ellie and Patto for the evening somewhere.

                       Walking down the zig zag hill watching the sun turning the sky orange.

Eventually we have met up with Ellie and Patto in a side street with all the open air restaurants and bars , its buzzing around here .

 We have gone back to the small bar where we had the Vermuth the other evening before heading back to the hotel , exhausted!

The end of our last full day in Barcelona ,  although we have most of tomorrow due to a very late flight back home.

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