Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Barcelona pt 3 Montserrat

Today we are going up into the mountains to Montserrat Monastery , its about an hour on the train and then we go up on a cable car to the top.
First we have to get the bus to the Magic Fountain which is near to the train station.

        Lovely early morning light on the Palace, but we have no time to stay and take photographs.

                                             The train station is near to the big pillars.

After sitting on the floor of a very packed train we have arrived at the Cable car stop,  there is also a furnicular train that goes up to the top from the next train station, but we want to ride on the cable car.

                                      That is where we are heading, on a rickety cable car!
It costs a little bit more (11 euros ish ) for this 5 minute cable car,  than the price to come 21 miles from Barcelona on the train!

 There is a big queue for the cars, it has a maximum 30 people limit which is being strictly adhered to.  luckily we are probably going to get on the 3 rd car in.

                                                                          Almost to the top .

                                                               What a view from up here!

 We have walked up to the main square , and its really warm up here , the forecast was saying about 5-8 dgrees so we put big coats on  , we are going to bake  Doh!

               Amazing rock formations, and so different from all the surrounding mountains.

                                                                       A wind blown selfi .

 We have walked along through to see the Prayer candles ,its especially busy as this is Easter weekend and there is a huge queue to go into the monastery.  maybe another time we will go back when its quieter.

                      Panorama of the square, amazing mountains in contrast to the buildings.

We are now going to walk around the mountain to see if we can find the Cave Chapel , going down the main path towards another funicular train which goes even higher up the mountain.

 Its getting quite hot walking in the sun, and to think its chucking it down back home,  shame!
This big path winds down and then around the mountain side.

                                                      Looking up to the monastery.

                                  There are sculptures all along set into the mountain side.

                           I can see a large cross in the distance, looks a good photo opportunity.

                                              The cross is in deep shadow unfortunately.

                                                                           More statues.

                                                         The cave Chapel is now in sight.

                         An  Inside image, as we both forgot to take one of the outside!  Ooops

                                                       Beautiful stained glass windows

                       The snow covered Pyrenees in the distance, taken with 100-400 mm lens

                                                            Amazing views from here

                        On our way back now , must have missed this one on the outward walk.
                                                               Dont know how    lol

                                                              Wonder how safe this is!!!!
                                             Yes i asked Jan to stop for a photo under it :)

                         Back at the top after a hard climb.   what a fabulous area it is up here .

Time to get the cable car back down now , its really busy but luckily it was a good decision to allow plenty of time otherwise we could easily miss the train, which only run every hour today.

                                                              A view from over the valley.

Waiting on the platform now, only 10 minutes before the train is due,  if we had waited much longer for a cable car we probably would not have made this train.

Thats the end of a great day in the mountains ,   think we are going to have a look around the city tomorrow at all the architecture.

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