Sunday, 18 August 2019

Scotland Kilchurn castle

Having left Castle Stalker we have travelled along to Kilchurn Castle,  is still rather gloomy and misty unfortunately,   so black and white images will be the only option.

             We have walked down to the LochAwe , along the wrong path which was quite boggy.
   Using the lone tree as a focal point for a few images with my 5dsr and 17-40L lens
Converted to b&w in lightroom

                            Rubbish light, but at least there is some mist over the mountains.

                                           A close up of the castle with 100-400mm lens

                                                    The sign by the car park , no drones!

                                                                       a phone image

                                         We have just found this huge tick on Chester!

                                                                       Poor Chester

On the way back along the A819  heading towards Inveraray I spotted this beautiful waterfall, so it was a quick stop to take a couple of images.

                                                                        1/4 second f14

This is the last image of our first trip to Scotland, and its been fantastic...……………………….

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