Friday, 23 August 2019

Sunset Images Wirral Beaches

After the Scotland holiday I have been shooting Meols and New Brighton sunsets with dslr and drone, here are a few images...…..

First we have a stunning cloud formation over the docks looking from New Brighton

                                                                     5dsr  17-40L

                           Now for a Phantom 4 pro drone image taken a couple of minutes earlier.

                              Flying back behind the lighthouse to get the entire view in frame .

A multi frame Vertorama , sand patterns are very interesting on this side of the breakwater at low tide, always different.

                     Meols beach for this next series,   the boats make good subjects at low tide.

                   Topdown over the sands near to sunset, the low sun showing all the textures nicely.

                                                                   Fabulous cloud formation .

                                                               9 frame panorama merge

    Perch Rock lighthouse at New Brighton     one of the most dramatic sunsets of the year so far.
                                                                   multi frame merge.

                               Meols beach flying the drone at about  6 - 8 ft to get these  images

              Perch Rock for another cracking sunset , just 2 frames merged for this drone image.

      5dsr with 17-40 L  6 stop nd  and 0.9 soft nd grad for these 2 images from the same evening.

     Two final images from Perch Rock , high tide and superb clouds moving fast in strong wind.

                                    5dsr  17 - 40L   f14   90 seconds 6 stop nd and 0.6 soft nd grad

                              5dsr 17-40L    f14  60 seconds with 6 stop nd and 0.6 soft nd grad

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