Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Dorset Holiday p3 Durdle Door & Mupe Bay

Its a beautiful early sunny morning , I have left Jan and the Dogs in the van and walked down to the beach.   Its already really busy at the top but the beach is almost deserted .

                             Time to walk along this beach all the way to the end at Bat Head.

    I have been Experimenting with different exposure times to show the best water movement.

                                                                      1/4 sec  f14 iso 200

The bright sun is blowing out the highlights on the chalk , switching on "highlight tone priority" on the camera has helped but still having to keep an eye on the histogram to keep exposure in check.
I am standing balanced on a rock taking this image,  with water all around me every time a wave came around.   and yes I did get very wet feet!

                                                                  1/2 sec  f13  iso 200

                                                                       0.6 sec  f14 iso 200

              The patterns formed by  the wet sand make a good leading line through this image.

I have reached the end,   after siting in the sun for a while I make my way back along the beach.

The beach is getting really busy now,   up at the top there are hundreds of swifts and swallows ,I couldn't be sure which   but think swifts  .All circling around and periodically landing on the side of the cliffs in a small area.   fabulous to watch.

It is now late afternoon,  i have always wanted to walk to Mupe bay, which is in the military firing zone . the coastal path has always been closed when we have been here previously but it is open from 5 pm today , so we are on our way at last .
Lulworth cove looks beautiful as we walk around the shingle beach heading for the coastal path on the far side of the bay.

The path continues on this side of the bay.

We have reached the gate, and the open sign ,    its a lovely evening for a walk.

             Arrived at the location I wanted to see,   this would be a great spot for sunrise I guess.

                                  A couple of frames merged to get this image.

Time to start the long walk back now, Jan doesn't want to go any further.      As we get back to Lulworth the tide has come in and I'm not sure if we can actually walk all the way round the bay. Oooops   The alternative route is around and over the headland behind, that's a huge climb   Jan not happy!  
As it turns out there is just enough room to get all the way around the top of the pebble beach, Just!

                                                                  Look at the light now!

             Half way up the steep climb towards the camp site,  the view is always fabulous here.

                             Lovely sunset glow over towards Weymouth in the distance.

The end of a great day, tomorrow we are heading towards Corfe castle...…………….

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